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Welcome to Hobart Pathology

At Hobart Pathology, we focus on offering a professional and comprehensive pathology service to our community: providing accurate results with fast and reliable turnaround times.

We have over 34 collection centres in the Greater Hobart region and help service general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals and nursing homes.

We understand that having blood or other specimens collected can cause anxiety in some patients. 
We aim to minimise this by providing an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and Pre-Testing Information sheets.

If you feel anxious about any aspect of testing please feel free to call the laboratory or discuss your concerns with a specimen collector, Contact Us.

Did you know we accept all pathology referral forms?
To view a map of our locations, please see Collection Centre Locations below.

Precollect Barcode Link SmallElectronic Pathology Request


If your Doctor has sent a referral to pathology for tests, you will soon receieve a text message with a link to your unique Lab ID barcode.


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Test Collection Appointments


An appointment is required for the following tests:

  • Glucose Tolerance testing
  • Commercial and Pre-Employment Urine Drug Screening
  • Breath Testing:
    • H.pylori
    • Methane and Hydrogen breath test
  • Semen Analysis
    • Post vasectomy
    • Fertility
  • Legal DNA and Parentage DNA testing
  • Blood collections for Children under the age of 10
  • Metanephrine testing

To make an appointment, phone 03 6223 1955

Sonic Genetics

Sonic Genetics

Sonic Genetics brings the national and international expertise of our genetic testing laboratories to help doctors, patients, and families across Australia make informed choices about medical decisions.

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