Cartoon graphic of mother and child travellersFast and convenient COVID-19 testing for travel in four easy steps

As border restrictions ease and travel resumes, many countries, airlines and ships may require COVID-19 testing for travellers prior to entry or service use. Testing requirements change rapidly and will vary depending on where you travel.

Hobart Pathology can perform RT-PCR screening at select COVID-19 travel testing collection centres in Tasmania.

Please note an appointment is required for collection.
After processing your payment please phone 03 6223 1955 to book your appointment.

Order your COVID-19 test now

COVID-19 testing for pre-travel patients is not covered by Medicare and must be pre-paid.
$145 (AUD) - COVID-19 RT-PCR (swab)

If your departure port is outside of Tasmania, you can select the appropriate practice for your test here.


1. Check when you are required to have your sample collected ("collection window")

Check with your embassy, travel agent, carrier, or destination for the current guidelines.


2. Order and pay for your COVID-19 test online

You will receive your prepaid pathology request along with a specified testing timeframe.

After processing your payment please phone 03 6223 1955 to book your appointment.


3. Find out where we can collect your sample

Locate your nearest COVID-19 travel testing collection centre and have your sample collected.


4. Receive SMS notification of your test results

Results are sent via SMS and most patients will receive their result within 24 hours of collection.

It is essential that you check with your destination or transit country, embassy, travel agent, airline, and/or shipping line for the required timeframe in which you need to demonstrate a negative COVID-19 test. 

For example, this may be within 72 hours of departure. We provide you with a calculator during the ordering process so that you can determine the timeframe during which you must have your sample(s) collected (your collection window).

If you present within 24 hours of your departure time we can not guarantee that your results will be available prior to your departure (testing and reporting window). 


Travel requirement
COVID-19 testing within 72 hours of departure

Departing Australia
3 pm on 19 November

Collection window
3 pm 16 November to 3 pm 18 November

COVID 19 Testing Window Example

In this example above, you must not present before 3 pm on 16 November, or after 3 pm on 18 November.

Follow the easy step-through process and purchase your pathology request.

Once you have completed your order you will receive an email with your request form/tax invoice attached. You will also receive an SMS with a six-digit PIN code to open your request form. Print your prepaid pathology request form and take it to your collection centre or present it on your mobile device.

You can pay for your test online using Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX.


  • Ensure that you save the tax invoice as it contains your report four-digit report access PIN that you will need to open your pathology report.


COVID-19 testing for pre-travel patients is not covered by Medicare and must be pre-paid.

$145 (AUD) - COVID-19 RT-PCR (swab)

Find your nearest Sonic Travel Testing COVID-19 collection centre for COVID travel RT-PCR testing.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to only present within your collection date and time window that is specific for your travel plans.

Sonic Healthcare logo helixRemember to look for this symbol when visiting the collection centre

Please note that typically, test results are available within 24 hours after visiting a COVID-19 travel testing collection centre. In circumstances where there is an increase in demand for testing, there can be a delay.

Please ensure you present for collection as early as possible in your testing window.

Positive results

In the unlikely event that your results are positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by the public health unit of the state where your test was collected. You must self-isolate immediately and wait until you are advised by the public health unit of your next steps.
You are not able to travel at this time.

Negative results

When your test is complete and the result is negative, you will receive an SMS. This will usually be 24 hours after your sample is collected. If you do not receive an SMS after 48 hours, please phone the testing laboratory on (03) 6223 1955.

The SMS contains a secure link to view your results. You will need the 4-digit PIN provided on your tax invoice to access the result. You must save these results to your mobile device and printing them is recommended. 

COVID-19 helpline for travellers

Please call our COVID-19 helpline on (03) 6223 1955 for assistance with any COVID-19 travel-related questions.

Updated Thursday, 14 October 2021