To request supplies from Hobart Pathology, select from the below listed supplies, and press the 'Submit Order' button at the bottom of the page. If more than one unit of an item is required, specify the number of units in the 'Order Additional Units' field.

NOTE: All orders placed over the internet will be confirmed via telephone prior to delivery.

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Additional Units  
Anonymous HIV Forms  
A4 Pathology Request Forms  
Cytology Request Forms  
Telephone Results Form  
Blood Transfusion Forms  
A5 Pathology Request Forms  
A5 Computer Request Forms  
ThinPrep Vials  
PAP Bottles  
Frosted End Glass Slides  
Disposable Ayre Spatulae  
Cervex Brush  
Cyto Brush  
Vaginal Speculums Small
Vaginal Speculums Medium
Vaginal Speculums Large
Plain 'GEL' Blood Tubes (Gold)
EDTA Blood Tubes - (Paediatric 2ml)  
EDTA Blood Tubes - (FBE etc.) 4ml (Lavender)
EDTA Blood Tubes - (Blood Transfusion) 6ml (Pink)
INR/Prothrombin Tubes - Sodium Citrate 3.5ml (Blue)
INR/Prothrombin Tubes- Paediatric 2ml (Blue)
ESR Only Tube - Sodium Citrate (Black)
Blood Sugar Tubes - Fluoride EDTA (Grey)
Heparin Tubes (Green)
Trace Element 6ml (Royal Blue)
24 Hour Urine Containers - Plain  
24 Hour Urine Containers - Acid  
Sterile MSU Container
Paediatric Urine Bags
Transwabs (Blue)
Faeces Containers
Faeces Occult Blood Kits
Viral PCR Swab  
PCR Herpes Swab  
PCR Pertussis Swab  
PCR Chlamydia/Gonorrhoeae Swab  
Specimen Bags  
Large Plastic Bags  
Histology Containers with Formalin (70ml)  
Multi-Drawing Needles - (21g)  
Multi-Drawing Needles - (22g)  
Needle Tube Holders  
Paediatric Urine Bags  
Glucose Drink  
Blood Culture Bottles  
Blood Culture Bottles Paediatric  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (1.5mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (2mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (3mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (4mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (5mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (6mm)  
Punch Biopsy Kits - (8mm)  
Skin Lesion Trays  
Swab Identification Guide  
Vacutainer Tube Guide  
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